Putin warns the West that if the US sends soldiers into Ukraine, Russia is prepared for nuclear war

Moscow: On Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a warning to Western nations, stating that Russia is prepared for nuclear war and that sending American soldiers to Ukraine would be a major step up in the conflict. Nonetheless, the head of the Kremlin said that there was no need to deploy nuclear weapons in Ukraine and that the possibility of a nuclear war was not “rushing” forward.

Days before the election for president, which he is almost certain to win, Putin told Russian media, “We are, of course, ready from a military-technical point of view.” The Russian president emphasized that Washington knew it would be seen as involvement if US forces were stationed in Russia or in Ukraine.

There are sufficient experts in the fields of strategic restraint and Russian-American relations in the United States. Putin said, “We are prepared for this, so I don’t think that everything is racing to it (a nuclear confrontation).”

Putin has repeatedly warned that if the West sends soldiers to fight in Ukraine, it runs the danger of starting a nuclear war. The conflict in Ukraine has caused the worst crisis in Russia’s ties with the West since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. Despite the assurances of Western leaders that Russia would be vanquished in Ukraine, Russian soldiers now hold just under 5% of the country’s territory after two years of fighting.

Western nations are having a great deal of trouble maintaining their support for Ukraine against a resurgent Russia during an election year in the US that might drastically change US policy depending on the winner in November. According to Kyiv, it is fighting itself against a conquering war like that of the empire that aims to eradicate its national character.

Nuclear war threats
Putin reaffirmed that the use of nuclear weapons was outlined in the nuclear doctrine of the Kremlin, which is a strategy that outlines the potential scenarios in which Russia may use its arsenal. “Weapons exist in order to use them,” he said. “We have our own principles.”

During his yearly speech to the Russian Parliament last month, Putin said that Western nations are attempting to destroy Russia from the inside and declared that his government will not let anybody meddle in domestic matters. Additionally, he said that the majority of Russians agreed with his plan to attack Ukraine in 2022—a “special military operation” according to Moscow.

Putin issued a severe warning, saying that Russia has the capability to hit targets in the West and that sending their own forces to fight in Ukraine would put them in danger of nuclear war. This followed French President Emmanuel Macron’s proposal, swiftly shot down by other nations, for European NATO members to deploy ground forces to Ukraine.

With over 90% of the nuclear weapons in the world, Russia and the US are by far the two biggest nuclear powers. “Russia is ready for negotiations on Ukraine, but they should be based on reality – and not on cravings after the use of psychotropic drugs,” Putin said.

The role played by PM Modi in preventing nuclear war
According to a CNN article from this week, US President Joe Biden’s administration was particularly worried in 2022 that Russia may deploy a tactical or battlefield nuclear bomb in Ukraine. Putin said that throughout the struggle that has raged in Ukraine since February 2022, Russia has never needed to employ nuclear weapons there.

According to the study, efforts by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other nations were crucial in preventing the disaster. In order to deter Russia from launching an assault of this kind, the US tried to recruit the assistance of non-allies, such as India. According to US officials, outreach and public remarks made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other individuals were essential in averting a catastrophe.

One senior administration source said, “I think the fact that we know, India weighed in, China weighed in, and others weighed in, may have had some effect on their thinking.” “I can’t demonstrate this positively, but I think that’s our assessment.”

India has always urged for a peaceful settlement to the Russia-Ukraine conflict and denounced the slaughter of civilians in that war. During the SCO meeting in Uzbekistan last year, Prime Minister Modi made a significant declaration to President Putin, telling him that “this is not the era of war”. Even during India’s chairmanship, the comment was made to the G20 communiqué.

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