‘Foiled’ 26/11 Like Terror Plot, Says Kolkata Police, With Suspect Associated With Mumbai Attacks Arrested

On Monday, Kolkata Police said that they had thwarted a major terror plot and captured an individual connected to the 2008 Mumbai attacks who was preparing a major operation similar to 26/11.

It has been revealed that Rajaram Rege, who is well-known for his association with David Headley, the 26/11 suspect, was monitoring Trinamool Congress National General Secretary Abhishek Banerjee’s home and workplace. According to the police, his presence in Kolkata caused concerns, which prompted law enforcement to act quickly.

Rege, who had booked into a hotel in South Kolkata, has been brought into jail. According to state officials, they are stepping up their investigation into Rege’s actions in an effort to find potential conspiracies and track down potential collaborators. As a prosecution witness in the Mumbai attack trial held in a Chicago court, Headley allegedly told the authorities that he had visited Shiv Sena Bhavan in central Mumbai’s Dadar and had met Rege.

Following Rege’s arrest, Kolkata Police is investigating further information. It has been seen that Rajaram Rege attempted to inspect Abhishek Banerjee’s home after arriving from Mumbai and remaining here. Rege has also contacted certain people, according to the police’s early investigation.

Mamata Banerjee, the chief minister of West Bengal, said in this article that she and her nephew Abhishek “do not feel safe.” “While we are not safe, we also do not fear the saffron party’s plot.” At an election rally in Kumarganj, the Balurghat Lok Sabha seat, she said, “We urge everyone to be on guard against a conspiracy against TMC leaders and the people of West Bengal.”

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