How many Indian villages have the names of Lord Ram and Krishna, do you know?

New Delhi: In an interview with ANI, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that there is no “North vs. South” division. PM Modi went on to say that celebrating India’s diversity is a strength. In the interview, the prime minister said, “To start, India is a tremendously diverse and lovely nation.Tamil Nadu is the region of India where you may find villages bearing the name of Lord Ram. There are several village names that include the word Ram.However, variety exists in India, and it is something to be celebrated.

Did you know that Lord Ram is the namesake of nearly 3,000 villages in India? Let’s count the number of villages in this article that have the names of Lord Ram, Lord Krishna, and other deities.

villages bearing the names of deities
More than 6,50,000 villages exist in India, the majority of which are named after various gods and goddesses, according to the 2011 census. The majority have names derived from Lord Ram and Lord Krishna.

How many villages have the names of Lord Krishna and Lord Ram?
throughout almost every region of the nation, there are 3,626 villages bearing the name of Lord Ram, while 3,309 villages throughout India have the name of Lord Krishna. The majority of the Tamil Nadu villages have the name of Lord Ram.

In addition to the names of Gods and Goddesses, the list also includes over 47 villages with the first name Badri and over 70 villages with the first name Kedar. These are places of worship. The majority of these villages are located in Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and Uttarakhand.

villages bearing the names of Ramayana and Mahabharata characters

Villages bearing the name of Lord Ram’s brother also exist. There are 367 villages named after Hanuman, 187 villages named after Bharat, 160 named after Lakshman, and 75 named after Maa Sita. These figures’ well-known names are an indication of their widespread religious and cultural importance in Indian mythology and history, as well as their popularity.

At least six villages in Bihar have the name Ravana, three of which are named after his father Ahiravan. Ayodhya is also the name of a few villages in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. However, no place has the name Vibhashan, the brother of Ravana.

The Mahabharata

While many villages have the name of Kurukshetra, only two bear the name of Yudhisthira, the truth sign. There are settlements around the nation connected to the Pandava brothers. There are 259 villages named after Arjun and around 350 named after Bhim. In the Ganjam district of Odisha, there is just one village called Bhishma.

villages bearing the names of contemporary Indian politicians
The list includes not only gods and goddesses but also emperors, sultans, kings, queens, and contemporary Indian leaders. There are 117 villages bearing Mahatma Gandhi’s name and more than 70 named after India’s first prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru. Thirteen villages have the name of BR Ambedkar, thirty-six are named for Indira Gandhi, and nineteen are named for Rajiv Gandhi.

villages named after Mughal emperors
Of the Mughal rulers, 234 villages bore the name Akbar; Babur, the Mughal Empire’s founder, had 62 villages named after him, and Humayun had thirty. Humayun, the father of Akbar, is the name of thirty villages. There are around fifty villages named after Shahjahan, the man who constructed the Taj Mahal and Red Fort, while eight villages are named after Aurangzeb, the last major Mughal emperor. Every hamlet with the name Aurangzeb is located in Uttar Pradesh’s Bijnor district.

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