Large-scale Shobha Yatra in Abohar honors Ram Navami

On the occasion of Shri Ram Navami, the Shri Sanatan Dharma Sabha arranged a grand parade.

The primary attendees of the function were former MLA Arun Narang and MLA Sandeep Kumar Jakhar.

Beginning in the Gaushala, the procession traveled down the Railway, Main, Circular, Hakikat Rai, and Sain chowks until dispersing close to the Shri Sanatan Dharam Mandir.

At some locations, hundreds of people showered the parade with flowers as they greeted it.

The main features of the celebration were stunning tableaus, pyrotechnics, a military band, a Ram Darbar chariot, Kalash Yatra, Rajasthani Dhap dance, and a military chariot. There were flowers on Lord Ram’s palanquin. The organization honored NGOs throughout the occasion.

Among those in attendance were Gaushala president Fakir Chand Goyal and mayor Vimal Thatai. Ram Prakash Mittal, the head of the Sabha, thanked the attendees for their support of the shobha yatra.

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