NCERT textbooks trump pricey coaching: How UPSC success was achieved by Cantonment Board personnel

Two chief executive officers stationed in the cantonment boards of the Solan district have come under scrutiny after the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) results were released yesterday. They earned the 55th and 69th rankings in all of India.

Yogesh Dilor, who works at the Subathu Cantonment Board, came in at number 55, while Priya Rani, who is in charge of her roles at the Kasauli and Dagshai Cantonment Boards, came in at number 69.

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Their success stories demonstrate a combination of dedicated test preparation and hard work.

Yogesh gave insights into his path, which included a story of tenacity and forethought. With family ties to Panchkula, he is originally from Sonipat and joined the UPSC after five years of dedicated study. Even though he only had tutoring for a short while, he quickly realized that NCERT books were much more valuable than pricey study guides. Yogesh is a perfect example of how determined effort and well-planned time management can produce amazing outcomes. He does this by drawing on his professional experiences and setting out concentrated hours for self-study.

In a similar vein, Priya, an officer of 28 years old, tells a story of resiliency and family support. She was raised in Phulwari Sharif, Patna, and her grandpa, who was a strong supporter of women’s education, gave her ambitions a boost. Priya’s persistent efforts, along with her constrained resources and a structured study schedule centered on NCERT books, led to an outstanding ranking.

Their successes serve as motivational tales for those traversing the route of civil service exams in addition to highlighting their unique victories. By providing encouragement and motivation to other aspiring individuals, they uphold the conviction that, with tenacity and commitment, any objective can be accomplished.

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