Sharika overcomes her physical constraints and succeeds in the civil services

In a stunning demonstration of tenacity and willpower, Sharika A. K. overcame the difficulties brought on by cerebral palsy to pass the coveted Indian Administrative Service (IAS) test on Tuesday, marking a noteworthy accomplishment.

Since birth, the 23-year-old Keezhariyur resident in Koyilandy has struggled with cerebral palsy, a disorder that impairs her body’s normal functioning and coordination.

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Even though Sharika was confined to a wheelchair and had restricted movement, she overcame these obstacles with determination and hard effort, and on her second try, she achieved an All-India Rank of 922 in the general merit list of the UPSC test. Sharika’s involvement in “Project Chitrashalabham,” a training program started by author, motivational speaker, and Absolute IAS Academy founder Dr. Jobin S. Kottaram, proved to be a turning point in her success story. Despite her physical constraints, the project gave her the support and direction she needed to follow her dreams.

After failing the Mains on her first attempt, Sharika passed the test on her second try. “I want to improve my rank, so I will be taking the exam again,” Sharika said to TNIE. “I want education to help every student with physical disabilities overcome obstacles and help us reach new heights,” the speaker said. ~

Sharika’s tale serves as an example of the strength of fortitude and spirit in the face of difficulty.

Sharika reminisced about her early years, saying, “When people asked me what my dream was in school, I would always say software engineer because I felt like it fit my condition better. I was also interested in technology and computers. But after upper secondary, I made the decision to pursue graduate work in English literature since my illness required me to attend a college at a short distance from my house. I was also unable to go far for my education because of my household financial status,” Sharika stated.

At that point, I began to study more about the civil service. Some of the finest mentors helped me along the way,” she said.

Sharika’s family stood by her side the whole way, notably her parents Shashi A K and Rakhi as well as sister Devika. including though her father had professional responsibilities in Qatar, he did all he could to support Sharika throughout her examinations, including traveling with her to the New Delhi interview.

Upon arriving to her residence to congratulate her, one of her mentors observed, “Her success in the IAS exams is not just a personal victory but also an inspiration to countless individuals facing similar challenges.”

“Sharika’s tale demonstrates the strength of fortitude and the unwavering human spirit in conquering misfortune and realizing one’s aspirations,” the mentor said.

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