Campaign route for Haryana Chief Minister Nayab Singh Saini begins in Karnal

In Karnataka, Chief Minister Nayab Singh Saini began his campaign road for today’s Lok Sabha and Assembly byelections. His primary priorities were in-person conversations with voters and public gatherings. He also made contact with the city’s party workers and leaders. On May 25, he was pushing for dual voting in the Lok Sabha and Assembly byelections. While Saini was seeking to become an MLA from the Karnal Assembly seat, former chief minister Manohar Lal Khattar was running for the Karnal Lok Sabha poll.

Following his attendance at several religious and social events on Monday evening, Saini began his Tuesday by making his obeisance at the Nirmal Kutia gurdwara, where he engaged in “langar sewa” and received blessings. The gurdwara’s management gave him an honor.

Following his visit to Raghunath Nagar, where he was honoured by the president of the Resident Welfare Association, Amit Ahuja, former councillor Ish Gulati, Rishipal, and other residents, he conducted a session at the Ladies Industrial Home on Kunjpura Road.

Saini asked for support for both Khattar and himself, saying, “I urge you all to cast two votes — one for the Lok Sabha seat, which supports Manohar Lal ji and, further Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji, and the second for me from the Karnal Assembly segment, on May 25.”

In all of his public appearances and one-on-one conversations, Saini emphasized the extensive development projects carried out throughout the country when he predicted that the BJP will dominate the Central government under PM Modi for a third term.

Saini reassured the people of the ongoing continuation of development projects started by the previous chief minister, highlighting the achievements of PM Modi at the federal level and former chief minister Khattar in Haryana. He said, “The development projects started or finished by former Chief Minister Khattar will yield long-term benefits for the residents.”

The nation moved up to fifth place on the list of economies from its previous ranking of eleventh in 2014. The state government increased its contributions and promoted development across the state whenever PM Modi granted funds for initiatives related to development in Haryana, he said.

Saini chastised the Congress for not doing enough to eliminate poverty. “The nation’s voters will re-elect Prime Minister Modi for a third term because they believe in him. “We will sincerely fulfill the commitments outlined in the BJP manifesto,” he said.

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