Canada’s Amritsar youngster loses their life in a traffic accident

On April 13, a young man from Mahddipura hamlet who had traveled to Canada for his academic pursuits passed away in a car accident. The youth’s relatives requested that the Central and Punjabi governments arrange for the youth’s corpse to be airlifted to India. Gursahib Singh (age 23) has been identified as dead.

According to his father Palwinder Singh Bath, Gursahib Singh traveled to Canada for academic purposes around one month ago on March 13, 2024. Mahddipura hamlet is situated on the Fatehgarh Churian route.

On April 13, when he was strolling down a street in Surrey City, there was an unexpectedly large collision involving three fast-moving cars. Gursahib Singh was struck by a car. The Canadian police who were there immediately saw to it that he was gravely hurt in the accident and sent to the hospital, where he passed away while receiving treatment. The deceased’s father has asked the Punjabi and Central governments to facilitate for the return of his son’s remains to India so that last ceremonies may be held.

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