CM Naveen Patnaik opens the Netaji Bus Terminal in Cuttack, Odisha

On Saturday, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik officially opened the cutting-edge Cuttack Netaji Bus Terminal (CNBT), which cost Rs 90 crores to construct.
The terminal includes 192 bays for parking up to 192 buses at once, according to a government announcement.

According to a government press release, the recently constructed bus terminal is outfitted with all contemporary amenities for travelers, including Mission Shakti Cafe, the largest food court in the state, and lounges similar to those found at airports. There are also separate ticket counters for men and women.

On Saturday, CM Patnaik also signaled the first bus from this new port to Puri.

In addition, the chief minister laid the cornerstone for 4 other development projects in Cuttack while simultaneously launching 9 others. The official announcement states that these developments cost Rs 541 crores.

Chief Minister Patnaik stated, “Today, projects worth more than Rs 540 crores are being inaugurated in the city,” while speaking at the inauguration ceremony in Cuttack. The residents of Odisha love the city of Cuttack. Odisha’s identity includes the Cuttack Durga Puja, the Bali Yatra, cricket games in Barbati, and SCB medical institutes. This identity has to be elevated to even greater glory.

“The history of Cuttack as a city spans millennia. However, this city is currently changing. The carnival of change keeps going. Ravenshaw College, formerly the pride of Odisha, is now a university. The SCB Medical College and Hospital is now undergoing a similar transition into an AIIMS Plus Health Institution. The improvements in communication, infrastructure, health, and education portend a successful future for the state.

The public was also asked by the chief minister to assist and assure the continued progress of the current reform efforts. Additionally, he solicited public support for the execution of welfare-focused programs including “Mission Shakti,” “Biju Health Welfare Scheme,” and “Jaga Mission for Slum Dwellers.”

Such measures, according to him, have “created hope in the common people and brought smiles to the faces” of many individuals in the state.

Being my hometown, Cuttack is my favorite city and will always have a special place in my heart, the CM said.


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