EC Requests Political Parties In Maharashtra To Provide Details Of The Aircraft, Helicopters Used In Campaigning; Passengers’ List In Advance

Lok Sabha Elections 2024: Three days before the planned trip, the Election Commission (EC) in Maharashtra has requested that political parties provide information on any helicopters or other aircraft that are used for campaigning, including the identities of the individuals transported in them and their origin and destination. But there is now just a 24-hour window left to provide these facts.

In a letter dated April 12, Tejas Samel, the Mumbai Suburban district’s deputy election officer, said that political parties were required to provide this information to the district election office three days before to the trip; however, that time frame has now been shortened to 24 hours.

On April 17, we will be issuing an updated letter. Samel told news agency PTI on Tuesday night, “Instead of three days, they have to inform us 24 hours in advance.” She said that the information should also include the model of the aircraft or helicopter and the number of passengers.

According to the letter, the Election Commission must receive this information in accordance with the Model Code of Conduct that is now in effect for the next Lok Sabha elections.

The 48 Maharashtra parliamentary seats will be up for election in the Lok Sabha in five stages between April 19 and May 20.

The first phase of the seven-phase Lok Sabha Elections 2024 is scheduled to begin on April 19 and conclude on June 1, 2024 (Phase 7). The EC has decided that the results will be disclosed on June 4 after the counting of votes.

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