Gurman Kaur of Spring Dale takes the bronze in the fencing competition

Gurman Kaur, a Spring Dale student, was welcomed back to her school on Tuesday after winning a bronze medal in the national school fencing competition.

During the ceremony, Sahiljit Singh Sandhu, the chairman of the Spring Dale Educational Society, gave a briefing. He said that Gurman Kaur, a student in Class IX at his school, won the bronze medal for the state of Punjab in the School-National Fencing Tournament, outperforming her rivals.

“The competitors from various states fought it out for the medal at the tournament held in Andhra Pradesh, and Gurman showed her might by winning the gold for our state. For the institution and the state, this is a really proud occasion, Sandhu said.

Rajiv Kumar Sharma, the principal of the school, praised the winner and the mentorship team for their accomplishment. “The accomplishments of our young athletes in recent years at national and regional sporting competitions bear witness to the school’s vision for the promotion of sports as a means of developing discipline and team spirit among the youth,”

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