Industry center will be Amritsar, predicts BJP’s Taranjit Singh Sandhu

Shwait Malik, a former member of the Rajya Sabha, said on Monday that the election manifesto the BJP presented to 140 crore voters as Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s assurance is a promise to realize the aspirations of the people. According to him, the nation’s citizens need to support the BJP’s growth and extend their well-wishes for the millions of Indians who live there, as well as the idea of a prosperous India.

A discussion about the election manifesto supporting the BJP candidate was conducted at the district headquarters of the BJP. Malik said that Amritsar residents have made up their minds to back the BJP in the next elections.

Taranjit Singh Sandhu, the BJP candidate from Amritsar, said that the new India has gathered pace and is now hard to halt.

“The Prime Minister has given me a special package to make Guru ki Nagri as tidy and beautiful as Indore,” he said. According to Sandhu, the city’s pollution and sewage issues would be resolved entirely. If the BJP forms a government this time, a particular focus will be on developing Amritsar’s student and young population’s skills and turning the city into a magnet for industry. Many measures for youth employment and education have been introduced under the BJP government, which would benefit them.

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