Manaveeyam Veedhi is still looking for Rani, the cherished dog

The renowned cultural corridor of the capital city, Manaveeyam Veedhi, is still looking for Rani, its cherished canine, who hasn’t been seen in the last seven days.

An observer claims that Rani has been a part of Manaveeyam’s rich cultural past for 12 years. The dog vanished, and this has led to a mad search for clues.

Even though we have made a complaint with the police, they have not even filed a formal report since they see this as a minor issue. Nonetheless, Peeyas Hari, editor of Janakeeya Sandesham Magazine and regular visitor to Manaveeyam, said, “For us, it is about the value of life.”

Artist Sreejith P V brought Rani here as a puppy twelve years ago. The dog used to enjoy spending time with each and every guest. The entrance was always manned by artwork and hoardings depicting her, greeting everyone to the street. The missing dog posters have taken its place, however. Seven days after Rani vanished, people are still looking for information. Manaveeyam’s guard dog was named Raji. It never became hostile and was always cordial. However, there have been times when individuals sought to remove her from the area because they didn’t like street dogs. Typically, Rani would bark at intoxicated individuals as well as drug abusers. We believe that someone may have targeted the dog for the reasons mentioned above,” Hari said.

Canine distemper is what Rani has been dealing with. Given Rani’s advanced age and illness, visitors are not discounting the possibility of its demise. But they want things to end. In Rani’s honor, people at Manaveeyam Veedhi are also planning musical events and demonstrations.

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