PM Modi criticizes the Grand Old Party in Wardha, saying, “Make Congress Pay For Its Sins In Maharashtra.”

Wardha: In the heated context of the Lok Sabha elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a full-scale assault on the Congress on Friday, declaring that the party and the India alliance had nothing to offer in terms of development. Thus, he said, they are spreading the myth that if the BJP wins, India will catch fire.

The PM made a plea to the people at a campaign event in Wardha, saying, “Every vote cast in Maharashtra should go toward development.” Make Maharashtra’s Congress pay for its transgressions. Sharpening his pointed words even further, he emphasized that the Congress was still bent on “shackling the Constitution” and declaring emergency. In order to assist the BJP candidates from the eastern Maharashtra Lok Sabha seats of Wardha and Amravati, he went to the function. On April 26, both seats will cast ballots in the second round.

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The Indirect Attack on Rahul Gandhi by PM Modi

The Prime Minister stated, “Yuvraj,” alluding to Rahul Gandhi, was painting the BJP as a villain as the Congress is aware that it would lose the elections. He said that he was certain his administration will get a third term in office. “Indian grouping leaders are invited to speak at rallies in Maharashtra, despite their want to destroy Sanatan (dharma) in Tamil Nadu. Congress took a stand against the Ram temple’s pran-pratishta (consecration). Following the incident, on the first Ram Navami, ‘Surya Tilak’ was performed utilizing the sun’s beams, and the nation was overcome with devotion. Yet a leader of the INDIA alliance referred to it as a scam. The PM said, “This is the true face of Congress.”

Voting for the Congress and the INDIA alliance, he said, was a waste of time since they were anti-development and anti-farmer. There was a belief that nothing positive could occur in the nation prior to 2014. Desperation was pervasive, particularly among the impoverished, farmers, and women. The son of a poor man (speaking of himself) has exalted others who were excluded (from progress)…The nation is now anticipating Modi’s pledges, which include a commitment and a plan,” the PM said.

He pleaded, “Some people may have been left out of the ongoing development process,” stressing that the Congress’ anti-development agenda had stripped Vidarbha of its backward status, which had been lifted by the Maharashtra and Central governments. When you encounter these individuals, gather data and let me know. Tell them that during Modi’s third term, they would get the advantages.

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