Prior to the monsoon season starting, take the following precautions: Dana Kishore

Before the rainy season begins, the GHMC officials should take all necessary precautions to ensure that there are no issues for the residents of Greater Hyderabad, according to MAUD Principal Secretary M Dana Kishore.

At the GHMC headquarters on Tuesday, Dana Kishore, GHMC Commissioner D Ronald Rose, HMWSSB MD C Sudarshan Reddy, ENC, Zonal Commissioners, and others inspected the pre-monsoon plans within the GHMC boundaries. He said that the Disaster Response Force (DRF) had to be on guard and prepared at all times. According to him, the final week of May or the first week of June should be used for mock exercises by the fire, water, GHMC, police, and other departments to show how to be ready for heavy rains and to give the impression that the departments are ready for any disaster.

Under GHMC restrictions, around 125 water logging spots have been found, and 22 of those places have had issues resolved. To avoid water logging in the other sites as well, the superintendent engineers have been directed to personally visit, inspect, and permanently resolve the current water stagnation spots in 40 locations on a war footing basis. Dana Kishore emphasized that drain desilting and nala cleaning should be finished by the first week of June.

There should be an awareness campaign asking people not to dispose of their trash in the nalas. Garbage cans should be arranged, he suggested. Kishore recommended that in order to prevent problems for the public, representatives of all departments should collaborate.

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