Tamil Nadu: The Vellore Movement demands that 15 lakh trees be planted

The Vellore Movement advocated for the planting of around 15 lakh trees in the district within five years and initiated an awareness effort on the impacts of climate change.

The Vellore Movement, led by former Madras University professor Ramu Manivannan, distributed pamphlets on this outside the municipal corporation headquarters on Tuesday. Ramu emphasized that Vellore is located in a tropical area, which emphasizes the need for preventative actions to lessen the negative consequences of heat waves and climate change. He bemoaned the massive removal of trees to make Vellore a Smart City and cautioned against the city becoming a concrete jungle devoid of trees.

He suggested planting 15 lakh seedlings in the area over the course of five years, with an annual goal of three lakh saplings, in order to mitigate such effects. In order to combat climate change, he promoted the adoption of a social urban afforestation system inside the Vellore Corporation, emphasizing the value of preserving natural resources and encouraging social urban forestry.

In order to guarantee the scheme’s execution, the Vellore Movement intends to step up its efforts beyond awareness campaigns and work directly with the Vellore district government and local authorities. Ramu asked political party candidates to support and give priority to this project as part of their campaign pledges.

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