The outcome would stun the BJP, predicts Sachin Pilot

For this episode of Delhi Dialogues, we are joined by Sachin Pilot, a rising star in the Congress Party. In a time when most celebrities his age and in his party have become shooting stars, he is a rising star. The BJP is making a lot of effort to inform the populace that the Congress, the party he belongs to, is no longer relevant.

Unlike other leaders of his generation and his party who were appointed as ministers in the Manmohan Singh administration in 2009, Sachin Pilot is not descended from a royal dynasty. His father was a first-generation politician who gained notoriety for his integrity and diligence. Sachin has inherited his father’s remarkable ability to relate to people. When he was elected from Dausa in 2004, he was presumably the youngest MP at the time.

After the party was crushed in Rajasthan and managed to get just 21 seats out of 200, he was then appointed head of the state Congress. After five years of arduous effort and extensive campaigning in Rajasthan, he helped the party regain power in 2018.

The outcomes will stun the BJP: Pilot Sachin
When the BJP refuses to discuss progress, it brings up religious issues: Pilot Sachin
Pilot Sachin: I really appreciate you inviting me. Ten, fifteen, or twenty years ago, one may not have predicted that our politics would be as they are now. It has all occurred so fast. To see what is ahead for us in the next months and years, we must accept who we are. Since elections are now taking place, it’s much more fascinating to be speaking with everyone of you.

Prabhu Chawla: The term “counting” is often used in Congress circles. What precisely are you counting? How many people are still at the party after they left? Or maybe something different?

A lot of individuals have this misconception. During an election campaign, it is typical for leaders to be imported and exported. People are no longer susceptible to it since it has spread so far. However, not all of a leader’s followers and votes depart from the party when they step down.

Second, there is much more to this election than a simple count. For a variety of reasons, it has suddenly become much more crucial and significant. Unity amongst the opposition is now vital.

The outcomes will stun the BJP: “Nari Nyay” promise from Sachin Pilot at the top of the party agenda: Pilot Prabhu Chawla of Sachin: The truth is that there aren’t enough applicants available.

What is the number of BJP candidates in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and the Northeast? It should be an even comparison.

Our own deserving prospects are here. Six of the ten BJP candidates in Haryana are former members of Congress.

Is your party not prepared for combat, Prabhu Chawla?

That is untrue. We fight elections, after all, to win. Individuals make the decisions. Since the Indian populace did not support us in the election, I cannot harbor resentment against them. I need to work more, perform better, and eventually succeed. For the BJP, the outcomes of the Lok Sabha and Assembly elections would come as a shock. Why was the BJP bringing in candidates from other parties, including the Congress, if they were so sure they would win more than 400 seats and were so pleased with their current slate of candidates? Without a doubt, we’ll perform better this time. For the BJP, the Lok Sabha results will be shocking.

Prabhu Chawla: From 52 to 104, what does “better” mean?

The PM is often quoting numbers like 400-plus. I refuse to provide such liberty. All I can hope for is that the INDIA alliance will have the necessary authorization to establish a government.

Prabhu Chawla: There have been several modifications to the Congress. Older individuals were expelled in the past, but under the present administration, younger people are quitting the party.

I have no regard for anybody. People who have joined or departed must be questioned. I’m not sure whether any of them departed out of coercion, pressure, or a desire for power.

Everyone has the freedom to choose, and they are free to pursue any particular ideology. However, the Indian people are the ultimate arbiter. Similarly, Jaswant Singh, Uma Bharti, and Kalyan Singh have all been dismissed from the BJP. How were they treating LK Advani?

The outcomes will stun the BJP: Pilot Sachin
A few changing sides won’t affect the INDIA bloc; Mamata remains a member of the alliance: Pilot Sachin
Shahid Faridi: The past two Lok Sabha elections were severely lost by the Congress. This time, what is the interesting story?

The first is the actual decline in the legitimacy and independence of institutions. Examine the selection process used to choose the election commissioner. Initially, it was the opposition leader, the PM, and the CJI. A cabinet minister has now taken the position of the CJI.

Preetha Lately, a large number of Congressmen have joined the BJP in states like Rajasthan and MP. How are you going to deal with the deterioration of the organization?

The departure of certain Congress members won’t have an impact on the voter’s mentality. In Rajasthan, we received a zero in both 2014 and 2019 out of 25 seats. The

An optimistic perspective is that we can only become bigger. We are unable to go any lower. I believe that something is changing. For almost half of the seats, there is a very competitive race. I have seen the transformation in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Haryana. Maharashtra, Bihar, UP, and Bengal are other crucial states.

Thus, we have strong ties in Maharashtra and Bihar. And I believe the BJP is concerned about it. If you combine together the votes, NDA received 35–36%. 65% of the vote went to us. It wasn’t until the INDIA Alliance was formed that the BJP made changes to the NDA.

The outcomes will stun the BJP: Pilot Sachin
Congress will grant AP SCS: Pilot Sachin
Ketan Tanna: The use of EVMs has been questioned by Congress leaders. Think there’s a chance to influence the EVMs?

Due to the fact that it has been taken to court, it is very contentious. On it, there are differing opinions. In my opinion, the Election Commission should be in charge of removing any uncertainties. To fully earn people’s trust in the process, any technical doubts about VVPAT, the percentage, the slips, and other related matters must be resolved. EC should provide clarification and ensure that everything is in order, even if one voter believes that anything may go wrong.

Preetha Critics of your party claim that Congress often takes a compromise stance instead of putting up an ideological fight against the Hindutva movements. Rahul Gandhi staged a roadshow in Wayanad without any flags because the Muslim League, its partner, was reluctant to have its flag flown there.

It’s their prerogative to attempt to take advantage of a circumstance, a religion, or God. I believe the function of the state is different. The Constitution governs a state and disregards both religion and individual preferences.

Preetha: IUML has long been an ally.

Nothing has changed in the thirty years since the formation of the UDF coalition in Kerala. However, individuals now see new meanings.

Bhattacharya Santwana: You are referring to democratic participation. During the last years of the UPA administration, there were concerns regarding decision-making and policy gridlock.

Remember that we had a coalition government in place. There were demands. Ultimately, the media narrative evolved to suggest that their decision-making process was not as seamless as it might have been. However, we currently have the exact reverse. I don’t believe there is a lot of open communication or debate in the cabinet. How many people perished when the three agricultural laws were created? Then they took them out. Thus, making decisions in such an opaque manner is likewise undesirable.

The outcomes will stun the BJP: Sachin Pilot: Express Conversations On the reasons underlying the need for change, Sachin Pilot
Bhattacharya Santwana: Why can’t Congress craft a compelling story to draw in younger voters?

The fact that the technology is open source is a plus. This is the second portion of the response. Compared to my competitors, I can do a lot more with AI than just data mining. What makes a difference is the amount of resources I can use. That is the influencing force, but a lot has changed. You may promote a campaign, make yourself more visible, and spread your story more widely. The fact that you are unable to compete makes it both good and harmful. It is all commercial, after all. Another problem is the money.

Rumana The BJP and Congress have traditionally been the two main parties in Rajasthani politics. You combined your voting base this time around with lesser parties like the RLP and CPM. What kind of change do you want to see?

We have allotted two seats, out of a possible 25, to each of our partners in the state. Our national ally, the CPM, and the regional party, the RLP, formed a partnership with the BJP in 2019 but broke apart as the farmers’ movement escalated and the RLP began endorsing the Congress position. I hope to gain at least that much from the excellent competition we have for more than half the seats.

Bhattacharya Santwana: The BJP has suddenly turned its attention to the southern states. The most recent instance is the Katchatheevu issue. Why hasn’t the Congress been able to effectively oppose it?

It was a bilateral deal, made sixty years ago, concerning a tiny region with Sri Lanka. The public is unaware that such accords have also occurred during the Modi government. Some land portions were transferred with Bangladesh. It will be ineffective to stir up debate regarding foreign accords in an attempt to carry out the BJP’s Mission South.

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