Pep alerts players to potential hazards on the path to a double triple

Although Bernando Silva, a midfielder for Manchester City, said that the prospect of winning a second straight triple inspires him and his colleagues, manager Pep Guardiola advised against getting too ahead of themselves.

Real Madrid is the opponent that City will face in the second leg of their Champions League quarterfinal matchup tomorrow at the Etihad Stadium. Last season, City defeated Real Madrid in the quarterfinals to win the championship for the first time.

They are in the FA Cup final four and currently top the Premier League rankings.

“I have a different viewpoint, but I won’t tell my players not to feel this way. Guardiola said, “Those speculative aspirations are distant from us. “I will start thinking about that when we are in the FA Cup final and have two or three games (left) in the Premier League and the Champions League final,” he said.

Silva said that the team may be motivated for the remainder of the season by being on the verge of history. He said, “It is obviously motivation and inspiration.” “We wish to establish the legacy.”

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