After buying a Sony TV from Flipkart, the man receives this

Aryan, a user of X, used the microblogging site to discuss his Flipkart experience. Aryan says he purchased a Sony TV from the online retailer but ended up with something different in the now-viral tweets. In addition, he said that Flipkart has not yet assisted him in resolving his download 2023 10 26t143204.140 11zon

“I had purchased a Sony TV from @Flipkart on 7th Oct, delivered on 10th Oct, and the Sony installation guy came on 11th Oct, he unboxed the TV himself, and we were shocked to see a Thomson TV inside the Sony box that too with no accessories like stand, remote, etc.”

“I had raised this issue instantly with Flipkart customer care, and they asked me to upload images of the TV. I did as instructed, and they still asked me to upload images two or three times, which I did.” he said. even after I’ve had my return request for two weeks.”

He said that Flipkart had not yet handled his request in the last tweets he sent. He was first given October 24 as the resolution date by the e-commerce company, but that date was then changed to November 1. On his account, the problem seemed to have been fixed, but according to Aryan, not even his refund request was handled.

In addition, he included pictures of the TV he got as well as copies of his purchase and return request.

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October 25 was when this post was shared. It has received more than 2.1 million views since it was shared. In addition, the post has gotten a lot of likes and comments.

What people are saying about this post is as follows:

Someone commented, saying, “Bro, apply on the consumer forum because I experienced the same issues.” My return request was denied eleven times until they eventually contacted me, almost 45 days after I first requested a return.

Another said, “File a complaint with consumer court, and if you have paid with a credit card, raise a chargeback.”

“I experienced the same thing. Wheel soap was provided when I got One Plus 11r. Flipkart failed to assist me even after I repeatedly uploaded photos and a completed permission form for a month. Yet once I filed a complaint with cyber security, my problem was resolved in four days. You need to file a lawsuit right now,” said a third.

A fourth said, “If credit card payment was made, just stop the transaction, request a dispute, and provide the bank with a thorough email. The bank will then provide provisional credit and handle the matter with Flipkart. I had the same thing; Flipkart refused to repair or reimburse me, so I went with this route.”


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