Bihar Woman Bit by Snake While Working Outside Her Home But Survives

People and animals alike are finding reprieve from the heat as a result of the shifting weather around the nation. But along with this, there are also more instances of human snakebite incidents. A snakebite incidence happened in the hamlet of Saraiya in Nalanda, Bihar.

A lady who was working outside her home was bitten by a snake. The woman’s relatives created an incision to allow the blood mixed with poison to escape the body while also tying the damaged region with a rope to prevent the poison from bihar woman bit by snake while working outside her home but survives download 2023 07 10t184443.556

The individuals who were there at the time assaulted the snake in retaliation for the attack and hurt it as well. The snake that bit the victim was then transported to the hospital alongside her. Despite being able to save the woman’s life, even the physicians were terrified when they saw the snake.

The doctor stationed there claims that the patient’s life was saved because she was brought in on time; otherwise, even a delay of 10 minutes may have been catastrophic for her. The lady had two hours of therapy before her condition stabilized. She was recognized as Saroj Devi, late Kedar Prasad’s wife and a local of the Nagarnausa Police Station.

A family member, Mithlesh Kumar, informed the reporters that the snake bit the lady in her hand as she was working outside the home and also attempted to attack someone else who was there. The man attacked the snake with a brick and a stick and managed to hold it at bay. As soon as the snake was hurt, it was placed in a box and sent to the hospital. According to accounts, two people have died in the region in the last ten days as a result of snakebites, while several more have been hurt and rescued by medical intervention.




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