Divorced mother married her true love after meeting them at her son’s school

One of the purest feelings is love. It may occur anywhere and at any moment; it is sometimes referred to as blindness. A similar anecdote went viral recently. At the most unexpected moment, a lady discovered true love. The mom went to her son’s school and fell in love at first sight. Let us examine this lovely tale of love.

This is the account of 39-year-old Vermont resident Dorilee Lavin, according to a Newsweek article. She has three youngsters under her care. She was divorced, however. In a video she shared on the social media site TikTok, she discussed how meeting her second spouse had altered her course in life.

According to Dorilee, she had gone to drop her child off at school in 2023. Abruptly, she encountered an unidentified father who had arrived to pick up his kid. Despite not knowing anything about that man, Dorilee had an instant crush on him.

Dorilee was not a shy person at all. She was waiting for a chance to introduce herself to the guy after spotting him. However, she was not receiving this kind of chance. One day, a worker at the after-care program at her child’s school volunteered to provide Dorilee’s number.

Dorilee got a text message from Sean Lavin, a divorced father of two kids, within one hour. He was enamored with Dorilee and understood precisely who she was. Dorilee learned that he had observed her at school as well.

They become close friends over time. Later, in June 2023, they went on their first date, and three months later, they were married. Dorilee’s ex-husband and Sean’s ex-wife attended their wedding; they both seemed to enjoy the occasion since they were in a good relationship.

Sean asked Dorilee to marry him with a ring he had created himself. To symbolize the five kids they now share, it has five diamonds on each side. According to Dorilee, the round-cut center stone is intended to symbolize their “easy love.”

She went on to say that from day one, everything with Sean has been very simple. She hopes that other single mothers will find hope in the tale of her and Sean—that true love does exist.

Now that they are united, they are raising their kids together and are extremely happy.

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