During home renovations, a UK couple discovers a 10-foot well

When a young couple in Coventry, England, found a secret well under the floor of their recently acquired Edwardian townhouse, they received more than they bargained for. While remodeling their new house, Shaniah Lloyd, 28, and her boyfriend, Ross Bennet, 25, happened to stumble across the well.

In November of last year, the couple—who were first-time buyers—paid $239,000 for the house. They had no idea that when they started removing the flooring to replace the boiler, their remodeling plans would take an unexpected turn. What they discovered was a 10-foot well hidden behind a brick ring, which gave the place a spooky feel.

“We’d had such a busy day, and at 10 p.m., we remembered the plumbers were coming and we needed to take up the floorboards by morning,” postal worker Shaniah Lloyd recalled the moment of discovery. That’s when her partner, Ross Bennet, discovered the shocking discovery. When the floors were removed, he saw a black hole around by a circle of bricks. To Shaniah’s amazement, he proceeded into the depths with a light despite the late hour, proving his interest.

According to historical investigations, the property was constructed on the site of an existing farm and hasn’t undergone any major renovations since the 1960s. The couple had bought the property with the intention of renovating it, but they had no idea that they would discover such a special feature.

Bennet, an electrician, examined the well more closely and discovered that it was made of clay and that, with the right excavation, it may be used as a water well.

The daring pair has indicated that instead of filling up the well, they would want to turn it into a main feature in their house. To emphasize its historical value, they want to cover it with a glass top and add lights to it.

Shaniah Lloyd says she’s open to community comments as they embark on this unusual remodeling adventure, saying, “Renovation is hard enough—if anyone has advice they can give about turning it into a feature we’d be glad to hear it.”

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