The internet is in awe as pet parents plan a doggo couple’s baby shower

Among the most adored animals on the planet are dogs. They are the ideal companions for people and are renowned for their loyalty. They grow to be valued family members and form a link of trust with humans. Dogs provide people with emotional support and unconditional affection. There are a ton of endearing dog videos on the internet that often gain popularity on social media. Another cute dog video that has been making the rounds on social media recently is a family celebrating the dog couple’s motherhood by throwing them a baby shower. The family’s choice to commemorate this occasion for their beloved dogs has been well received by viewers of the viral video.

When a dog couple decided to become parents, their pet parents showed them how much they loved them by planning an Indian-style baby shower for the soon-to-be parents. On social media, the doggo couple’s relationship with their pet parents will undoubtedly win over everyone’s heart. The family is seen in the viral video enjoying the baby shower of a couple who own golden retrievers and are expecting children. Their pet parents are seen in the video wearing garlands around their necks and dressing them up in celebration of the event. They also have a board beside them on which someone has written, “We have good news.”

The dog pair with two boards is shown in the next scene in the video. On one board, however, it says, “Puppies are coming soon.” “And it’s my fault,” is written on the other board. Additionally, there are montages in the film showing a mother dog nursing young pups. The adorable small pups’ footprints are also preserved on paper by the pet owners. The dog couple’s path of accepting motherhood and giving birth to the pups is shown throughout the whole film.

The dog couple’s official Instagram account, @rosy_remo_raha_the_retrieve, posted the footage. “The journey of our dream,” said the caption on the video.

Many were astonished to watch the cute video as soon as it was posted. “So mesmerizing to see their journey,” a person said. I hope they have the finest life has to offer. “This is a dreamland,” said a different user.

The video has received 10.4 million views on Instagram so far.

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