“Is This a Print?” Professor’s Heartfelt Response To His Drawing Is Going Viral

A touching film from Ranchi, Jharkhand’s St. Xavier’s College, has gone viral on social media. A youngster gives his teacher a drawing in this heartwarming video that was posted on Instagram. In the video, the professor is seen taking a sketchbook, but at first, he believes it to be a print of himself.

He is quickly corrected by another student, who points out that the artwork is really a hand-drawn drawing. The professor was amazed after hearing this, so he asked about the gifted artist who created the work of art. When the instructor finds out who the artist is, he shows the pupil so much appreciation for his true talent. The student may be seen drawing the lecturer in the video as well.

When a student hands up the notebook in the first scene of the video, the professor asks, “Oh, thank you, Is this a print?” He is almost immediately corrected by a different pupil, who says, “No, sir, that’s a sketch.” It’s created by hand, sir. The professor is taken aback at hearing this and asks, “This is a sketch? Fantastic. You ought to pursue painting as a career. It is incomparable. The artist shared the video and commented, “My professor at St. Xavier’s College Ranchi had an epic reaction.”

With over 45 million views so far, the video from Ranchi’s St. Xavier’s College has gone viral online. Like the instructor, many on social media have expressed their admiration for the artist’s talent and swamped the comments area with messages of gratitude.

“When he said, ‘iska koi comparison nahi hai,’ he really meant it,” a user said. “The best response an artist can receive,” said another.

Another person who had a similar experience said, “I did this with my instructor too. His response was not as positive as his, but I did get a lot of gratitude for his lovely grin, which brightened my day. I can really identify with this. Keep going, big brother.

“My favorite pupil is you, sir. Best wishes. (Now he’ll turn into the professor’s favorite pupil),” someone said in a remark.

“Mujhe taare zameen ka teacher ki yaad agyi,” chuckled someone else. (The instructor brought up the instructors in the film Taare Zameen Par.)

Another common one is the “Human printer.”

The professor’s sketch’s creator, artist Chandrakant Kumar, has also produced a number of lifelike drawings on his Instagram account. He often posts drawings of Lord Shiva and Lord Hanuman on social media. In addition to sketching religious subjects, the artist has also meticulously drawn well-known figures, such as Marvel’s Moon Knight and Jethalal from Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah.

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