The semi-classical dance of a woman to Kehna Hello Kya wins hearts; online users think it’s “graceful”

On social media, a woman’s stunning dance to AR Rahman’s song Kehna Hi Kya from the movie Bombay has gone viral. Many others were moved by her incredible performance to leave glowing feedback in the post’s comments area.

Instagram users Sakshi Singh and other artists shared the video. She is seen wearing a shirt and skirt. The woman’s silhouette is all that is visible in the video due to the manner it was taken. Singh dances to the song with elegance while it plays. The pulse of the music is matched by every stride she takes.

This was posted on Instagram a long time ago. It received more than a lakh likes after it was uploaded. There are also a lot of comments on the sharing. Her performance captivated a large audience.

What people are saying about the dancing performance is as follows:

One person commented, “It’s amazing, I can’t express how amazed I am!”

Another said, “When someone asks me what gracefulness is I’m gonna show them this.”

“Watching the silhouette move is such a delightful feeling,” another person said.

An further one said, “Dancing like a doll, fabulous.”

A fifth person said, “Your stairs are amazing in terms of their smoothness and cleanliness. Incredible, keep up your gift!”

“My God, I just love her graceful moves,” said the sixth.

“Excellent performance; I wish I could dance like this too. Simply stunning,” wrote a seventh.

Emojis of a heart and fire have been used by many people to respond to the video. What do you think of this dancing performance that is semi-classical?


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