Woman arranges’surprise’ wedding on son’s birthday and invites his stepfather

On their birthdays, parents often go to great pains to make their kids happy by hosting lavish parties or giving them wonderful presents. A mother, however, is said to have been able to sabotage her child’s big day.

The mother reportedly made the shocking decision to disguise herself as a bride and accompany her stepfather to her son’s first birthday woman arrangessurprise wedding on sons birthday and invites his stepfather images 2023 07 13t170527.472

The bride stated that she and her fiancé made last-minute, impromptu preparations to be married. Social media users quickly pointed out that because marriage required a month’s notice, it couldn’t have been a spontaneous decision. They said that this was an intentional action to obscure her son’s birthday and combine it with her anniversary, something that would happen every year going forward.

Do you want your kid to dislike you? a user asked. He won’t like growing up at all if his special day falls on your anniversary. Both events have to be unique and exceptional. Another person said, “Having your parents’ anniversary fall on your birthday for the rest of your life would suck.”

A lady described how she personally experienced disappointment when her mother made the decision to remarry on her birthday. She said that she felt as if her birthday had been “taken away” from her and voiced her grief at the fact that her mother had never taken her emotions into account while deciding the date. The lady said that her mother believed that if her birthday and her wedding anniversary came on the same day, her stepfather would be more likely to remember both occasions.

“I’ve matured and put this insult behind me because what’s the point? Now when my parents attend a birthday party or dinner that I organize, I get them flowers,” the lady said.

Although some individuals didn’t think it was a huge problem, most people thought it was a poor idea.




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