Everyone eventually experiences karma. This Is Proof in the Video

Our ancestors have cautioned us all about karma coming back to haunt us. We are warned that if we have a tendency to stray from the proper route or take short cuts, our karma will eventually force us to choose the correct course.

To emphasize the point, A guy and his companions were seen striking and kicking four sleeping cows in a video that went viral online. To his astonishment, however, one of the animals decided to “retaliate,” making the onlookers pleased. The guy was immediately thrown to one side as the aforementioned cow kicked him back. Soon after it was circulated, the video’s conclusion mostly pleased viewers. It was not possible to confirm the incident’s date or location.

The user “Arhant Shelby” posted the video on the social networking site X, which was previously known as Twitter. The account “Ghar ke kalesh” reshared the image with the comment, “Instant Karma Kinda Kalesh b/w a Cow and Guy.”
View the popular video:

At first, the video upset a lot of people, but the resolution quickly won over netizens. While the majority of people called the guy a “fool” and questioned his humanity as well as the reasoning behind his playing with animals at night, other individuals were only relieved that the cow had given the man what he “deserved.” Since it was posted today, thousands of people have seen the video.

Taking to the comment section, individuals vented their frustration. It’s known as karma! One person said, “You messed with it, so deal with it now. Another added, “Bohot Sahi hua is ke sath (I’m happy that it happened with him).” Some individuals just pose a problem and a concern to society. There was no justification for kicking or bothering any animal or person. However, some individuals are simply incapable of acting appropriately. It seems as if their intellect is essentially unutilized,” a third party said.

“Seeing this is very fulfilling. The cow could have done more, in my opinion. A fourth commenter said, “It would have been a pleasure for the eyes and the soul. “I’m overjoyed that this occurred. A fifth individual said, “The next time this person tries to do something like that, he will think a thousand times about what happened on this day.” “He requested it,” a sixth person said.

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