When Whitney Way Thore says she shed 100 pounds without the need for “medical intervention,” online users comment that she seems “happy and healthy.”

Whitney Way Thore, star of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, said that she had shed 100 pounds. Thore spoke about reaching a new weight-loss milestone in an Instagram post.

After several of her fans noticed that she seemed thinner in a video about her father’s birthday festivities, she spoke about her weight reduction. Many people questioned if she had surgery.

“Have you had surgery? You seem to be half the size!” a prior Instagram user questioned. Someone another said, “You seem so much thinner! How do you keep it a secret?

“I haven’t used medicine to help me lose weight.”I hate to say that, but no, I haven’t had medical weight loss assistance. 2015 was my first season, and I weighed 385 pounds. 2018 saw me shed fifty pounds. I lost fifty more when my mom became ill and died,” Thore retouched the description of an Instagram video of herself. “Can anyone guess what we’re doing to celebrate Dad’s birthday?” was the caption that appeared earlier.

I have been at this weight for over a year now—285 pounds. I’ve dropped 100 pounds twice in my life, this time around. I still weigh a lot. I appreciate the praise, but I really detest body obsession, and I find it offensive when others engage in it as well,” the 39-year-old said.

“Happy and well”
One of the many people who left comments on the video said, “Whitney, you’re so cute, gorgeous, and intelligent!

God bless you and your loved ones! One person commented, “Have fun girl, I’ve never been to Mardi Gras you look beautiful as always sister,” while another noted, “As this video ends, you’ve never looked more like Barb.” “Oh, she looks terrific!” exclaimed my mom,” a user said.

One person said, “You look absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!,” while another added, “You look great, anyhow! I hope your dad had a great day celebrating his birthday. “After seeing this video, I had two thoughts. Happy and well, said one person.

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