Rajasthani Government Is Urged by Realtors Association CREDAI to Connect Bhiwadi To The Delhi-Mumbai Expressway

The Rajasthan government has been requested by the realtors’ association CREDAI to make it easier for Bhiwadi, a developing industrial and residential center, to be connected to the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway.

The request was sent in writing to the Chief Secretary of the Government of Rajasthan by CREDAI NCR Bhiwadi Neemrana.

NCR CREDAI One of the CREDAI NCR Chapters that represents the developers of Dharuhera, Bhiwadi, and Neemrana is Bhiwadi Neemrana.

The government should think about connecting Bhiwadi to the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway in order to promote economic growth and easier mobility of people and commodities, which would ultimately lead to regional development and prosperity, according to Anil Gupta, President of CREDAI NCR Bhiwadi Neemrana.

A few ideas have been put forth by CREDAI NCR Bhiwadi Neemrana to link Bhiwadi with the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway.

One recommendation is to construct a specific access route that connects Bhiwadi and the Expressway directly.

The organization also recommended looking into the potential for building a route that would connect to the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway at an interchange along the Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC).

The other two recommendations are to improve an existing road from Chopanki to Tajpiur (Haryana), which falls on MDR 132 (Nuh Hodal Road) and MDR 61 (Rajasthan), and to widen and recarpete NH 919 from Bhiwadi to Palwal, which might speed up access to the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway.

The Delhi Mumbai Expressway connection is crucial for Bhiwadi’s ongoing development and progress. According to Anil Gupta, President of CREDAI NCR Bhiwadi Neemrana, “We implore the Rajasthan government to take these suggestions under consideration and take the necessary steps to ensure the prosperity of our region.”

He went on to say that improving this connection will support regional development by facilitating easier mobility of people and commodities while also spurring economic growth.

More than 13,000 developers are members of CREDAI National.

The letter from CREDAI NCR Bhiwadi Neemrana also requests that the government dismantle the Bhiwadi toll plaza.

According to the report, the toll plaza significantly increases traffic congestion and delays, particularly during rush hour, which inconveniences commuters and adds to pollution and vehicle wear and tear.

Moreover, the toll plaza places an extra financial strain on locals who often travel through the region, it said.

In a separate correspondence, CREDAI NCR Bhiwadi Neemrana has asked the government to accelerate the construction of a road that would link Neemrana and Bhiwadi directly, circumventing the Haryana border.

This route was supposed to be 300 meters wide according to the Master Plan.

The group of realtors has asked the government to build a road that is 60 meters wide, or a National Highway, that runs from Neemrana to Bhiwadi. The route may have eight lanes or ten lanes.

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