Actress Chaithra Achar Releases Her First Images From Uttarakaanda

Fans of the film Uttarakaanda are buzzing about it already. The movie is currently being filmed, with the first fifteen days of production to take place in Vijayapura City. The film’s creators recently revealed that Kannada actress Chaithra Achar would be appearing in the production.

The actress is scheduled to portray Lacchi, according to a poster released by the movie’s producers. It’s clear from the poster that this will be an action-packed movie. Chaithra Achar is wearing a black bindi, a red blouse, and a red saree. The actress’s appearance nicely complements the film’s concept, which is centered on a North Karnataka narrative.

She shared a photo on Instagram that revealed her new position. The English translation of the caption is “This time, it’s “Lacchi” it is!!!” When the game starts, what can we expect? I’m ecstatic to join the incredible team @uttarakaanda. She received a lot of praise from well-known people as soon as she unveiled her new appearance.

The actress, 29, gained notoriety for her parts in the movies Blink and Toby. Speaking about her new position, she remarked, “I received a text from director Rohit Padaki saying they would be pleased to have me on board if I liked the screenplay. I adored it, of course. Despite being from a tiny village, Lacchi is a people-pleaser who enjoys being the center of attention.

Daali Dhananjaya and Dr. Shiva Rajkumar are scheduled to appear in the forthcoming movie Uttarakaanda. Under the KRG Studios brand, the film will be produced by Karthik Gowda and Yogi G Raj, with Rohith Padaki serving as director. Amit Trivedi, a music composer, will soon make his musical feature debut in Kannada cinema.

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