Celebrities show their support for Zeenat Aman’s remarks on cohabitation before marriage

Recently, Zeenat Aman remarked in a statement that before getting married, couples should try living together. That, in her opinion, will let them see one another’s compatibility and potential for a long-term relationship. She also disclosed that she counseled her boys with the same guidance. Here are the responses we received from celebrities we contacted regarding the same topic.

For a happy and long-lasting marriage

Yes, I wholeheartedly concur. Having some familiarity with your spouse before to marriage is crucial for a happy and long-lasting marriage. It’s critical to comprehend the advantages and disadvantages of your spouse. I wholeheartedly support the live-in idea. Regrettably, there is a tendency in our culture to see cohabiting couples negatively. Why is it considered so taboo? Actually, since it gives couples an opportunity to get to know and understand one another better before being married, I think it may even lower the likelihood of divorces. It’s a means for them to improve and strengthen their bond.

Comlpetely concur

I adore Zeenat Aman so much. I can relate to her previous piece on couples who live together. I wholeheartedly agree with her. Marriage, in my opinion, is a commitment that should only be made when both people are fully certain and have good cause to do so. Cohabitation offers a chance to evaluate each other’s lifestyle preferences. Live-in relationships are becoming increasingly common in big cities and even smaller villages as more and more women become self-sufficient. Most nations now have laws governing it. I wholeheartedly agree, and I applaud Zeenat Aman for speaking out. I wholeheartedly agree with her.

Adapt over time

Divorces and separations are occurring more often these days due to the changing times. Nothing about what Zeenat ji stated bothers me. She is renowned for making forceful claims, and that is perfectly acceptable. Divorce and separation may lead to issues including suicidal thoughts, sadness, police reports, and legal disputes. Here’s how to stay clear of such problems:. Even if a lot of people argue that it is against Indian culture, we must adapt to the present. Living together gives you equal rights, even in a court of law. It’s a solution to many issues individuals experience later in life, therefore, I don’t see any concerns with it. I think Zeenat ji made an excellent argument.

Work things out.

I think it’s not a terrible idea to move in together and get to know each other better after a few unsuccessful romances. Although I think there is never enough time to really get to know someone, I do think that living together is a wonderful method to find out whether two people are compatible, rather than spending a lifetime together in a toxic relationship or always feeling as if you could have protected yourself from the toxicity. For me, therefore, this is a superior alternative.

Save yourself before it’s too late.

I wholeheartedly agree with her that it’s critical to ascertain a person’s habits, way of life, and character before deciding to go out with them. What if he laughs or snores? Frequently, you come to realize that your decision was incorrect, and you wind up divorcing. Thus, in order to avoid such dire circumstance, it is necessary to get to know someone and embrace both their positive and negative traits.

Prior to committing

She is entirely correct. Living together before to marriage is a terrific way to see whether or not you can adapt to your partner’s habits and preferences. Relationship problems may arise from little disagreements. The divorce rate is rising in this day and age, so getting to know someone well before making a lifelong commitment is crucial. It’s critical to put our mental health ahead of social conventions because, in the end, what counts most is our pleasure. Though families may have their own views, the choice to get married or live together should be our own.

Recognize your partner

That’s what everyone ought to do, of course. That’s what I support. A person can only really be known when you move in together. When you share your space with someone, you are aware of what you are putting yourself into.

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