Despite the divorce, Hansal Mehta carried out the first wife’s last rites as husband: “When she was alive…”

Speaking candidly about his first wife, Sunita, Hansal Mehta said that she had gone away and that he had attended her burial in the traditional manner as a husband would. In his twenties, Hansal wed Sunita, and they had a son named Jai. After the couple’s ultimate divorce, Hansal developed feelings for Safeena, the actress Yusuf Hussain’s daughter. After more than 17 years of dating, the couple had two children, Kimaya and Rehana. In 2022, the pair exchanged vows.

Hansal said in a recent interview that his first wife and he maintained a cordial relationship despite their divorce. He continued by saying that he and Sunita were still friendly and that he had a strong relationship with Safeena, his second wife. He said that Jai, who made his acting debut in Lootere not too long ago, is also very close to Safeena and even calls her his mother.

In addition to taking care of me and my kids, my parents also took care of Sunita. My relationship with Sunita never came to an unpleasant conclusion. In an interview with Siddharth Kanan, Hansal Mehta said, “We did get separated, but I did her last rites as her husband.”

“We used to chat while she was living. She had health problems, and she would chat to me about her worries. We never let animosity grow in our relationship. Sunita and Safeena used to converse often as well. On Diwali, Sunita assisted Safeena in draping her saree at Sanjay Gupta’s residence in Pune. Pallava and Jai were always to Safeena the same as her children. Safeena is Jai’s mother, he continued.

Hansal disclosed a year ago that he accepted parenthood at the age of only 22. In an interview with Samdish on his Unfiltered YouTube channel, he also disclosed that he suffered and resorted to drinking for solace when his films failed. He only managed to break free from his habit and achieve stability in his life once Safeena entered his life.

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