Is the Pregnancy of Ankita Lokhande Confirmed? Navid Sole of Bigg Boss 17 Drops a HUGE Hint

When Ankita Lokhande revealed that she had taken a pregnancy test while living in the Bigg Boss 17 house, everyone was taken aback. Navid Sole has said that “everything is moving in the positive direction,” despite the fact that there is currently no news on her rumored pregnancy.theindiaprint.com is the pregnancy of ankita lokhande confirmed navid sole of bigg boss 17 drops a h

Big Hint Regarding Ankita Lokhande’s Pregnancy Dropped by Navid Sole

Recently, Navid Sole left the Bigg Boss 17 residence. Speaking to Hindi daily after being kicked from the contentious reality program, he discussed the rumors of Ankita’s pregnancy. Things are going in a “positive direction,” according to Navid, who also said that Ankita has started talking about baby names in the household.

“You know, everything is going well right now, and I’m very happy about it. Ankita even assured me that she would include me in the baby’s name. We want to combine Western and Hindi names. He was reported by as saying, “I have a few names in mind, but I will share those only when the time is right.”

Pregnancy Test Taken by Ankita Lokhande in Bigg Boss 17 House

Ankita was experiencing “mood swings” earlier this month when she confided in her spouse Vicky Jain that she was angry with him and wanted to leave the home. She also said that she had not been feeling well and expressed worry about not getting her period on time. “Mereko feeling aa rahi hain andar se, mereko lag raha hain mein bimar hu.” I’m not feeling good. When an era ends, it doesn’t always mean that it will. (I feel unwell. I sense something within. Neither am I receiving my periods. I want to return home),” Ankita murmured.

Ankita went on to disclose that she had undergone a certain blood test, saying, “Kuch hain toh nahi andar, periods nahi, mereko blood test huya, pregnancy ke liye.” (Not my menstruation; I had a pregnancy blood test performed.) She continued by saying that a urine test had also been done and that the findings were still waiting.


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