Marathi actor Pushkar Jog will direct Dharma: The AI Story for the first time

Actor Pushkar Jog, a former Bigg Boss Marathi participant, is well-known for his work mostly in Marathi movies, with a few Hindi ones thrown in. His visage is also well-known from the Marathi little screen. Having amassed a great deal of industrial expertise, he is now prepared to take on the role of director. The actor is becoming more well-known after he revealed that he would be in an artificial intelligence (AI) film. It will be the first AI-related Marathi movie.

Pushkar Jog recently used Instagram to reveal the title of his new movie, Dharma-The AI Story. In one post, he included a compilation of films taken from behind the scenes, of him racing to the shooting site, and, at the end, showing him holding a clapboard and looking triumphantly in a blue blazer suit with patterned pants.

“Lights… cameras, and a father’s journey in search of his daughter amidst the chaos of cameras and AI,” the description said. The AI Story of Dharma. I’ll see you shortly. According to sources, the movie’s filming has begun and will take place entirely overseas.

It is anticipated that by exploring the world of artificial intelligence (AI), the movie would provide audiences with a unique narrative. The movie’s narrative will investigate AI’s possibilities. Fans of Pushkar Jog are thrilled about his impending directing endeavor and have big hopes for him.

The actor is well-known for taking part in unusual subjects that usually provide a novel perspective and provoke thinking. Under the auspices of B You Production, Tejal Pimple is bankrolling the movie. Pushkar Jog, Dipti Lele, and Smita Gondkar are among the performers who will appear in Dharma-The AI Story.

The audience’s exposure to AI up to this point has mostly been restricted to chatbots, social media, and a few games. However, moviegoers will see an AI-related story in the Marathi entertainment sector with Dharma-The AI Story. The filmmaker described the movie as a “unprecedented experiment” and said that the concept is “novel” and “unveils several intriguing facets” in an interview. Filming is now in progress with a September release date set for the movie theaters.

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