Rajkumar Hirani, the director of Dunki, has wanted to collaborate with Shah Rukh Khan since Cirkus Days: “Had To Wait…”

New Delhi: Movie buffs are praising Shah Rukh Khan for his role in Dunki. The celebrity and Rajkumar Hirani are working together on this project for the first time. The filmmaker recently discussed how he first became aware of SRK’s acting prowess while watching the TV show Circus and gave an explanation for why it took them twenty years to collaborate.


Rajkumar Hirani reminisced, “Mai ek kahaani batata hu aapko,” about his early years. Mein padhta tha mai film institute mein. Is it true that the film Bahar Nikmalke banani hai or is there another one that you would want to see? Kaun milega producer kaun? Actor Kaun Milega? This is the common room, and every now and then we watch TV together.

Cirkus is one of the programs that he is referring to. Platform pe, usme ek scene tha. And I can still clearly recall it. Kitna tha mujhe camera angle bhi pta hai. And this is my monologue for the day. [Allow me to tell you a tale. Everyone at the film institute where I was studying battled with the concept of filmmaking and how it would be accomplished. Who is going to manufacture it? Who is going to play the part? We sometimes sat in the common area and watched TV. One day, the television show Circus was on. It was a scenario on a platform, and I can still clearly recall it. I even recall the angle of the camera. There was a single speech.

“And a performer that I was not familiar with was there. Maine kaha, bada kamal ka actor hai yaar ye, Maine dekha. Though it is not yet over, Amitabh Bachchan, the son of Bachchan, is still very much alive. Isko nazar mein rakhta hu, toh actor hai yaar. Mai nilkunga, mai iske saath film banayenge, aur mai isko approach karunga. I can’t believe that Shah Rukh Khan is still a rising celebrity after all these years. We will wait for at least 20 seconds. [I thought, ‘This actor is great,’ when I saw him. It’s not like we’ll get to work with Bachchan sir (Amitabh Bachchan) when we leave here. This actor is talented. I’ll watch him closely. I’ll go up to him, and together we’ll create a movie. Shah Rukh Khan had become a major celebrity by the time I graduated. I was forced to wait for 20 years after that,” Rajkumar Hirani said.