“SRK From Meesho”: Online Reactions To The Doppelgänger of Shah Rukh Khan Seen At An Airport

Actress Shraddha Kapoor recently shared a photo of a girl on social media that many were claiming to be her twin on Instagram stories. This girl, Pragati Nagpal, is an influencer on social media and was present at the April 12 Mumbai Indians vs. Royal Challengers Bangalore game. After seeing her at the event, people started comparing her to Shraddha Kapoor. Funny enough, Shraddha responded by posting the girl’s video on her story. In the wake of Shraddha’s similarity to Shah Rukh Khan, there has been much talk about someone who looks like the actor.

One of the biggest performers in Indian film, Shah Rukh Khan often faces mob attacks while making public appearances. At airports, pictures of celebrities are common. When admirers recently saw what they thought was Shah Rukh Khan in his Pathaan outfit at the airport, they felt they were having their fanboy/fangirl moment. People began snapping photographs with him before realizing that he was, in fact, Shah Rukh Khan’s twin. The striking similarity astounded everyone. Viral Bhayani posted the video.

The Pathaan doppelganger for Shah Rukh had the same attire, hairdo, and goggles as the actor. The individual was dressed in olive-colored jeans, a leather jacket, and a black T-shirt. Fans shook his hand and took photographs with him even after they realized he wasn’t the real Shah Rukh Khan. Interesting comments were also made on the videos. One person claimed to have SRK’s face but not his swag. This is what happens, according to a different user, when Shah Rukh Khan is bought from the online retailer Meesho.

Shah Rukh Khan has a lot of followers who have modeled their appearance after him. The most well-known of them is Ibrahim Qadri, who many mistake for the star. Additionally, he often seems to be copying Shah Rukh’s famous gesture of entertaining others around him by flaunting his arms in public.

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