For a small chip, America played the drums of war in China and Taiwan.

For a small chip, America played the drums of war in China and Taiwan.

The tension between China and Taiwan is at its peak at this time. US Senate Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan has been an exasperation for China. China has considered this move by America as an encroachment on its territory. China considers Taiwan as its part and along with peaceful efforts to annex it, does not miss to enter fighter planes into the airspace there.

For the past several years, there have been reports of 'showing eyes' between China and Taiwan, but since this visit of Nancy Pelesi, China has fired missiles and the other Taiwan is also claiming to be ready in every way.

While the two neighboring countries of Asia are challenging each other, US President Joe Biden has said many times that he will not hesitate to give military aid to Taiwan in the event of a war with China. However, he has been making similar claims with Ukraine as well.

But the arrival of an American leader to Taiwan after 25 years is no ordinary event. That too at a time when the whole world is watching Russia-Ukraine. In such a situation, why did America take the step of provoking China?

To investigate this, when the link of their meeting in Taiwan during Nancy Pelosi's visit was added, a plan of America came out behind it which is related to business, security, and military technology.

In fact, Nancy Pelosi has met with Mark Louis, President of Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation (TSMC) in Taiwan. The US is heavily dependent on this company for semiconductors (also called chips in common parlance) and wants this company to stop making chips with advanced capability for China.

These chips are used in cars, bikes, mobiles, and all electronic devices. When world trade came to a standstill at the time of Corona, due to the lack of chips in India, the car companies got a setback in the business and the waiting period for cars increased by a year.

Although America talks about following the principle of the 'One China policy in diplomatic forums, which means that it considers Taiwan as part of China.

But the way Taiwan has developed its capacity in manufacturing semiconductor chips in recent years, it is in America's interest to keep this country away from China. Semiconductor chips are now being used in advanced military weapons as well.

As the superfast internet is spreading all over the world, along with it a new generation of military weapons connecting to it is also being prepared and America is largely dependent on outside companies in the semiconductor sector.

The share of Taiwanese company TSMC is 53% of the whole world. Along with this, the stake of other Taiwanese companies is up to 10 percent. The US report itself during Donald Trump's tenure has also mentioned the danger that his country is dependent on others in this sector.

Overall, America would never want China's interference in Taiwan to increase in any case or to come under China's control and TSMC, the semiconductor company that gave it, ever started working at the behest of China.

Now Joe Biden is trying his best to increase the manufacturing capacity of semiconductors in America through TSMC. In the year 2021, this Taiwanese company has bought land in America and the factory will start there in the next year.

Recently, a law has also been passed in the US, through which companies manufacturing semiconductors can be given subsidies of up to $ 52 billion. But the condition will be that these companies will not give advanced semiconductors to China. Obviously, they will have to leave China to get US subsidies.

It is clear that America has started a technical war against China, through which it wants to remain the leader in advanced technology by stopping China itself.

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