Ram Lalla’s four-minute “Surya tilak” at Ayodhya: This is how the sun will bless Ram Navami

Ayodhya: On Wednesday, at roughly 12.15 p.m., the much awaited “Surya Abhishek” ritual of Ram Lalla is scheduled to begin and continue for four holy minutes. The Sun’s beams will create a magnificent 75 mm “tilak” on Ram Lalla’s forehead during this celestial event.

The experts at the Central Building Research Institute (CBRI), Roorkee, have helped the Sri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust determine the date of this event.

PM Modi wishes everyone a happy Ram Navami.
Congratulations were sent out on the occasion of Ram Navami by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. “This is the first Ram Navami when our Ram Lalla has been enthroned in the grand Ram temple of Ayodhya,” he said in a post on X. Ayodhya is experiencing unmatched happiness as it celebrates Ram Navami today. We now get to celebrate Ram Navami at Ayodhya in this way, after having to wait for five centuries.”

Technology used and workflow
As per the Trust, an optomechanical system consisting of superior mirrors and lenses will be used to guarantee the triumph of the event, using cutting-edge technology. High-quality mirrors and lenses will be used in an optomechanical system to carry out Ram Lalla’s “Surya Abhishek,” according to the Trust.

The Trust explained the procedure as follows: “Sun rays will first fall on a mirror installed on the top floor of the temple, then they will be directed to another mirror on the second floor of the temple with the aid of three lenses, until they reach the sanctum-sanctorum of the temple and fall on Ram Lalla’s forehead.”

Experts from the Central Building Research Institute (CBRI), Roorkee, including Prof. Devdutt Ghosh and Director Prof. Pradeep Kumar Ramancharla, are in charge of the event.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a recommendation for this unique event on October 23, 2022, when he was in Ayodhya for the Deepotsav festival. He imagined a sanctum-sanctorum, similar to the wonder of the Konark Sun Temple in Odisha, where sunlight would directly enlighten the idol of Ram Lalla on Ram Navami.

Complete itinerary
Information indicates that on April 17, the Ram Mandir is expected to see 25 lakh worshipers. Following the “Mangal Aarti” in the morning, the darshan began. Devotees will get the chance to have darshan of Ram Lalla for a whole 20 hours, ending at 11 pm.

The Surya Tilak ritual is scheduled to take place at 12:15 pm, after the Puja concludes at 10.30 am.

Plans for security
Bright lights have been used to illuminate the whole Ayodhya temple complex, and special provisions have been made for the comfort and convenience of worshipers.

The Ayodhya government has put in place extensive security measures to guarantee the safety and wellbeing of pilgrims. These include the placement of health camps, the deployment of extra security guards around the temple town, and the installation of CCTV cameras at key spots.

“As part of special security measures for this Ram Navami, approximately 560 CCTV cameras have been installed at strategic locations across Ayodhya Dham,” authorities said. “Since earlier, arrangements have been made; the areas have been split into two sectors,” Ayodhya Range Inspector Praveen Kumar said.

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