The TMC calls BJP Leader Tathagata Roy’s suggestion of a “circumcision test” for citizenship seekers “vulgar.”

Tathagata Roy, a veteran BJP lawmaker from West Bengal, got into hot water when he proposed using the recently enacted Citizenship (Amendment) Act to determine the religion of men applying for citizenship. The Trinamool Congress reacted to the former Tripura governor’s remarks by labelling them “vulgars.”

Roy posted his proposal on the microblogging platform X, which was previously known as Twitter. He commented, “OMG, such coyness, what humility! It’s important to find out whether a man has had his circumcision. Muslims are absolutely barred from obtaining citizenship under the CAA. Therefore, this test is appropriate in cases of dispute.

“Many years ago, when we were undergoing admission to engineering colleges, ALL MALES were subjected to a medical test that included disrobing before a male doctor!” he said, defending his position. To determine whether someone had hydrocele rather than if they were circumcised. It was never met with opposition! Why right now?

The former leader of the Bengal BJP received harsh criticism for his statements, which he subsequently explained about CAA. He said that the reason for his proposal was the law’s barring of Muslims from citizenship.

“When a man’s faith is in question, I advise finding out whether he has been circumcised or not. due to CAA’s total exclusion of Muslims. I abide by the posts I make. The eruption that followed, mostly from Muslims, points to one of two possible outcomes. Either many Muslims wanted to pretend to be non-Muslims and are afraid that their deception would be exposed, Roy wrote on X.

In addition, Roy said that the Trinamool Congress was “raining disinformation” about those who had left Bangladesh because of persecution. Mamata Banerjee, the supremo of the Trinamool Congress and chief minister of West Bengal, has described the CAA as a “election gimmick” and said it was put in place to “harass people.” She also stated that her administration would not be implementing it.

TMC Reactions
Tathagata Roy’s remarks on CAA have been described by the Trinamool Congress as a “vulgar jibe,” casting doubt on the “narrative” that the BJP wished to promote. Passed in 2019 and announced this past Monday, the CAA seeks to provide Indian citizenship to marginalized groups from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Pakistan who came to India by 2014. These groups include Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis, Christians, and Sikhs, but not Muslims.

Tathagata Roy was “perpetuating religious discrimination in the form of such lowly and vulgar jibes,” according to TMC leader Kunal Ghosh.

“Tathagata Roy transcended all limits today when he expressed his opinions on the Citizenship Act, stating that citizenship should be determined by circumcision. This also speaks to the absurd narratives that @BJIndia supports and perpetuates throughout the nation,” Ghosh wrote on X.

TMC’s senior leader, Mamata Bala Thakur, said this on the organization’s official X account in a video message.

“He served as the governor of Meghalaya and Tripura.” We don’t think he would say anything like that, suggesting that one should examine someone’s privates to determine their religion. We urge Matuas and Bengalis to band together in opposition to it.