Navratri 2021 Hawan Vidhi: How to do Navratri Havan on Durga Ashtami today? Know the complete method, material and mantra

Navratri 2021 Hawan Vidhi: How to do Navratri Havan on Durga Ashtami today? Know the complete method, material and mantra

Today is the Ashtami date of Shardiya Navratri 2021. It is called Mahashtami or Durga Ashtami. On Ashwin Shukla Ashtami, Maa Mahagauri is worshiped methodically and fast is kept. Today in many places of the country, Navratri Havan is done on the day of Durga Ashtami. Navratri Havan is also performed on Mahanavami and Dashami. The worship of the girl is also done on the day of Durga Ashtami and Mahanavami. If Navratri Havan is held at your home on the occasion of Durga Ashtami today, then today we are telling you the ingredients of Navratri Havan, mantra and complete method of Havan. Accordingly, you can do the Havan of Durga Ashtami. Let's know about it.

Durga Ashtami 2021 Havan material

Today, for Durga Ashtami's Havan, you will need a ball or dry coconut, red colored cloth or Kalava, a havan kund and dry woods, including mango wood, stem and leaves, Ashwagandha, Brahmi, liquorice root, sandalwood, vine. Contains neem, stem and bark of peepal, bark of sycamore and palash. Apart from these, black sesame, camphor, rice, cow's ghee, clove, frankincense, cardamom, guggal, barley and sugar.

Navratri 2021 Havan Method

Today, after worshiping Goddess Mahagauri on Durga Ashtami, keep the Havan Kud at the place of worship. Now mix all the havan ingredients well in a vessel. Light the fire with the help of camphor by placing dry wood in the Havan Kund. Place a handkerchief or towel over your head. Now while reciting mantras, gradually offer sacrifices of Havan material. The mantras of Havan are given below.

Havan Mantra

Om Agney Namah Swaha

Om Ganeshay Nam: Swaha

Om Gowriya Namah Swaha

Om Navgrahaya Namah Swaha

Om Durgaya Namah Swaha

Om Mahakalikaya Namah Swaha

Om Hanumante Namah Swaha

Om Bhairavai Namah: Swaha

Om Kul Devatay Namah Swaha

Om Sthan Devatay Namah Swaha

Om Brahmaya Namah Swaha

Om Vishnuve Namah Swaha

Om Shivaya Namah Swaha

Om Jayanti Mangalakali, Bhadrakali Kapalini Durga Kshama Shivadhatri Swaha

Swadha Namasthi Swaha.

Om Brahma Murari Tripurantkari Bhanu: Shashi Bhumi Suto Budhsch: Gurusha Shukra Shukra Shani Rahu Ketav Sarve Graha Shanti Kara Bhavantu Swaha.

Om Gururbrahma, Guruvishnu, Gurudeva Maheshwar: Guru Sakshat Parabrahma Tasmai Sri Guruve Namah Swaha.

Om Sharanagat Dinart Paritran Parayane, Sarva Stharti Hare Devi Narayani Namastute.

After this, tie red cloth or Kalava in dry coconut. Place paan, betel nut, clove, batasa, poori, kheer etc. on top of it. Then keep it in the center of the Havan Kund. Now whatever Havan material is left, offer it one at a time with this mantra. Om Poornamad: Poornamidam purnat punya mudachyate, punasya purnamadaya purnamel visisyate svaha.

Now in the end, give Dakshina to Maa Durga, according to your ability, keep money etc there. In the end, perform the aarti of Maa Durga and the aarti of Maa Mahagauri. In this way the Havan of Durga Ashtami and Mahanavami is completed.

Significance of Navratri Havan

According to religious beliefs, performing Havan on Durga Ashtami and Mahanavami in Navratri increases auspiciousness. The atmosphere of the house is filled with positive energy. Purity increases. The medicinal properties of Havan material also cure diseases. Havan is a Vedic ritual. In Hinduism, there is a ritual of Havan after every worship.

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These 5 wrong ways to get back to sleep can be the enemy of life

These 5 wrong ways to get back to sleep can be the enemy of life
There are also many such ways of sleeping in bed which can prove to be dangerous. In a run-of-the-mill life, a person rarely gets moments of rest, but we all must be well aware of how much sleep we should take according to our work and more importantly, we should also know It should be how we are to leave our bed.
Keep these things in mind while getting up:
# Waking up suddenly: Many people wake up as soon as they wake up and sit down with a jerk as if someone has scared them, but in this way getting up as soon as they wake up is absolutely wrong and it is also very harmful for your health.
# Waking up frequently: Normally many people wake up several times in the night, but as soon as they wake up from sleep, one should not sit up with jerks. If you have this habit in your family or you too, then change it now, because doing so puts pressure on your heart.  
# Unconscious state: Many doctors, giving their advice on this, have said that when we are in sleep, our senses and mind are in an unconscious state and when we get up immediately after opening our eyes and are ready to run, then All these senses get disturbed
# Sit for 2 minutes as soon as you wake up: Do not leave the bed for at least 2 minutes after you wake up in the morning, it will benefit your heart. Even if you are waking up from sleep at night due to some work, then you should stay in your bed for a few seconds or at least 1 minute.

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