Over Rs 2.26 lakh is raised for the mosque by the donation of one egg

The committee in charge of the religious site stated that an egg given to help build a mosque in this apple town in the Baramulla district of north Kashmir raised Rs 2.26 lakh in an auction.

The lovely deed gained attention when the local mosque committee in Malpore hamlet, Sopore, 55 kilometers from Srinagar, began soliciting cash and nice contributions. An old lady, who has asked to remain anonymous, claimed to have given away a recently laid egg from her chicken.

The egg ended up becoming the most sought-after item in the auction of all the in-kind offerings. According to a local, the egg is up for auction for three days, and the winning bidder pays the sum listed and returns the egg to the committee as a contribution in order to increase funds.

Danish Ahmad, a young businessman, paid an incredible Rs 70,000 for the egg on the last day of the auction.

Ahmad, who is from the nearby Warpora region, expressed his eagerness to finish building this mosque as soon as possible. Given the mosque’s expansive plans, substantial funding will also be required. He went on, “It was just my passion and emotion towards the sacred space. I am not a rich man.”

Ahmad claims that after many auction rounds, buyers raised an incredible Rs 2,26,350 in total for the egg.

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