After the election, Modi will hold dishonest parties and politicians accountable: JP Nadda

While campaigning for the party’s Tenkasi candidate, John Pandian, on Tuesday, BJP national president JP Nadda said that the corrupt political parties that are a member of the INDIA bloc would be targeted more aggressively by the BJP after the elections.

“Properties owned by DMK politicians are valued at Rs 1.34 lakh crore. According to the prime minister, dishonest parties and leaders will not escape his wrath. Action against the corrupt would pick up steam after June 4, he said.

“Modi always has a particular place in Tamil Nadu since he is putting many of the people’s plans into action here. Under federal government programs, almost 60 lakh toilets and 14 lakh homes have been built in Tamil Nadu. Eleven medical institutions have been built in remote locations, and about 12,000 km of roads have been completed.

A Ram Mandir was also built at Ayodhya by the BJP administration, which also repealed Article 370, which gave Jammu and Kashmir special status. Nadda said, “We are the ones who conducted Kashi Tamil Sangamam. We are promoting Thiruvalluvar throughout the world because we love the Tamil language.”

Nadda took aim at the governing party in Ramanathapuram, declaring that the DMK stands for D for Dynasty, M for Money Laundering, and K for Katta Panchayat. Following a roadshow in the Paramakudi region, where he supported O Panneerselvam, the former chief minister and contender for Ramanathapuram, Nadda said that the federal government has started a number of social programs, particularly for Tamil Nadu.

Fund allocation is four times more in Tamil Nadu because of Modi’s privileged status there. Further advancements would occur in the future under Modi’s leadership, the BJP leader said.

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