How Sunil Tatkare Wants to Help Raigad Regain Its Former Glory Through Jobs and Tourism | Lok Sabha Campaign Trail

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, the Maratha warrior king, had Raigad as his capital. Shivaji Maharaj was crowned in the Raigad Fort, which signaled the start of Maratha authority in Maharashtra. The Shiv Sena (Uddhav Balasaheb Thackeray) and the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) are fighting for control of the Raigad Lok Sabha Constituency in 2024.

Anant Geete, a senior leader of Shiv Sena UBT and a former Union cabinet minister, will take against Sunil Tatkare, the current MP and state head of the Ajit Pawar-led NCP. Phase four of the constituency voting is on May 13.

The two have been playing each other in Raigad since 2014, and the score is now 1-1. Tatkare lost against Geete in 2014, and Tatkare won over Geete again in 2019. As a result, both need to win this election to prove their dominance in the constituency.

During his campaign route across the constituency’s Alibag, Nagoa, and Murud districts, Tatkare exclusively discussed his vision for Raigad and the current political obstacles with News18.

The Maharashtra coastal area, known as the Konkan region, is where the Raigad constituency is located. Despite its closeness to the sea, a few enterprises have been built in addition to the primary sources of income, which include farming and fishing. Mumbai residents’ favorite beaches include Alibag, Revas, Revdanda, and Aavas due to their spotless shores and convenient boat transportation from Mumbai to Mandwa jetty. Historic locations like Raigad Fort increase the number of visitors.

Tatkare has a plan for Raigad and is advancing PM Narendra Modi’s development objective. He hopes to gain more funding and central government programs for the area and is optimistic about winning this time. Development is at the center of my plan. We have launched a number of Central initiatives during the last five years, including the Coastal Highway, the National Highway, and other programs benefiting women, farmers, and fishermen. In order to solve the concerns of this constituency, I am collaborating with the MLAs of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Shiv Sena. My goal for the next five years is to get further funding and initiatives. In addition, I’ll concentrate on jobs for women and young people,” Tatkare said upon his nomination.

Tatkare wants to strengthen the local economy by creating tourist-related infrastructure. “My top goals are empowering women and finding solutions to the unemployment problem. He said, “I’ll also concentrate on the fundamental infrastructure needed for tourism, since this will draw more travelers and generate more employment.

The state administration has been troubled by the Mumbai-Goa highway, which goes through this Lok Sabha seat, for a number of years. More than a decade has passed since the Mumbai-Goa highway project started. There have been several demonstrations and political pledges, but the task remains. Numerous contractors have been replaced. Tatkare thinks the project will be finished shortly. I am appreciative of Nitin Gadkari’s Rs 700 crore allocation for the Mumbai-Goa Highway. With the current development underway, I have no doubt that this roadway will soon be finished and open for travel,” Tatkare said.

Tatkare brought up the observation that, given Pune’s recent development as an IT and industrial center, young people from Raigad are migrating there. “The young are moving to Mumbai in search of employment, and I want to work for them. This is the place to study and, subsequently, make money. In the event that I am elected, I will work to introduce more industries in order to create jobs and provide the young of Raigad jobs.

This time, Tatkare’s biggest obstacle is the division inside the NCP. Tatkare received anti-BJP and anti-Shiv Sena votes in the last election. But this time, Ajit Pawar’s party has teamed up with the BJP and the Shiv Sena, which is headed by Eknath Shinde. Persuading the electorate will be rather difficult.

Tatkare, nevertheless, thinks he has had a great reception from Raigad. Everyone in my constituency is welcoming me, but notably the young people who support Ajit Pawar’s leadership. Given my commitment to serving people and my vision for the future, I am optimistic that we will win this election. The last time, I won by a margin of 32,000 votes, which is significant in my opinion. In the past, I lost by a narrower margin. However, we now have the backing of the BJP, RPI, MNS, Shiv Sena, RSP, and RSP, and I am convinced that we will win spectacularly,” Tatkare said.

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