In all 20 seats, the BJP will come in third: P.C. Chacko

P C Chacko, the state head of the Nationalist Congress Party (SCP), is optimistic that the BJP would not gain 400 seats in the next elections. Still, he predicts that the INDIA group will get 300 seats.

Chacko claims that if the BJP and the RSS take back power, they would undermine the fundamental tenets of the Constitution in an interview with TNIE’s Arun M for the Quick Five program. Selections

Several are claiming to be the official unit of NCP. What is the position of the state unit of NCP-Sharad Pawar?

Some of the people who were kicked out of our party for misbehavior joined Ajit Pawar and Praful Patel. They are now asserting that they belong to the NCP’s official unit. But Ajit is with the NDA, and in Kerala, the NCP-Sharad Pawar section has always been with the LDF. Here, the traitors have lost all significance, even if Maharashtrans still love Sharad Pawar.

Central agencies are allegedly being used by the NDA administration to intimidate opposition party leaders. What say you?

This will be a major blow to the BJP. Due to an alleged corruption case concerning a policy that their administration canceled, three ministers—including the chief minister of Delhi—are now detained. The Center now uses the ED and IT departments as its weapons.

What is your assessment of the INDIA bloc’s prospects?

India bloc has a very good chance of winning, in my opinion. I predict the bloc will have 300 seats. Though there may be disagreements among the parties in the bloc, they have come together with the same goal in mind: to defeat the BJP.

Because of disagreements with the leadership, you departed Congress. Has the party’s position now changed?

In 2019, I advised Rahul Gandhi not to run from Kerala. It would have been wise for him to run from Bengaluru South if he had intended to represent south India. Previously its strongholds, Amethi, Raebareli, and Phulpur LS seats, now provide not a single MLA for the Congress party. In this case, how can it beat the BJP?

How do you feel about the Kerala LS elections?

A tide is rolling in the Left’s direction. This is a battle between LDF and UDF. The NDA will not win 400 seats as PM Modi says; instead, the BJP will place third in all 20 seats. The NDA seems to be facing difficulties in the north of India as well. Strong opposition coalitions that have developed in UP, Bihar, and Maharastra will deal a blow to the party. The core principles of our Constitution would be destroyed if the BJP takes back control.

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