In Tamil Nadu, Dhobis without fingerprints may now utilize proxies at PDS stores

This puts an end to a decades-long ordeal. On Monday, the district supply officer (DSO) directed officials to provide such items to Alagiripuram dhobis without seeking such biometric authentication. This directive came a day after TNIE reported on the struggles dhobis face to get essentials from fair price shops because the scanners don’t register their fingerprints.

In an article published in its publication on April 14, 2024, TNIE described the difficulties faced by the dhobis at PDS stores when their fingerprints vanished following hours of chemically cleaning filth off clothing.

“The Alagiripuram ration card holders who are facing fingerprint authentication issues can buy essentials through proxy mode upon approval from the Srirangam taluk supply officer,” said DSO K Meenatchi to TNIE.

A family may choose to use a proxy if any of its members have trouble authenticating with their fingerprints. Additionally, by registering the fingerprints of young family members, they may get stuff,” she said. According to authorities, PDS store employees have been told to give precedence to those with these cards.

Notably, 70 PDS stores in this area are testing out iris scanning. The dhobis expect that once this is implemented across all stores, the issue will be permanently fixed.

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