Muslim votes split in Vellore would benefit the BJP, according to Shanmugam

AC Shanmugam, the founder president of the New Justice Party and BJP candidate for Vellore, expressed optimism that his party would benefit from the divide of Muslim votes in the area. On Tuesday, he also revealed his electoral manifesto.

The manifesto included intentions to build an industrial park, an outer ring road, an outer ring road, higher education institutions like as AIIMS and IIM, as well as Navodaya schools and an industrial park. It also included goals to enhance transportation in Vellore. A military logistics production center in Kudiatham, a metro rail project, and high-level bridge construction ideas were also presented.

Along with the revival of the closed Ambur Cooperative Sugar Factory, he also mentioned central government-funded initiatives like treating tannery effluents in Vaniyampadi and Ambur, building a railway flyover in the Reddhoppu area of Ambur, establishing a Government Medical College Hospital in Vaniyampadi, and building a flyover in the Vaniyampadi New Town area.

Speaking to media after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent visit, Shanmugam said that the BJP will soon win the seat. Predicting a winning margin of at least 1.50 lakh votes, he emphasized the split of Muslim voters, the main constituency base, and expressed confidence in obtaining a part of those votes.

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