Telangana: According to Uttam Reddy, the BJP administration was a complete failure

Civil Supplies Minister N Uttam Kumar Reddy stated on Tuesday that the people will reject the BJP and BRS because both parties had forsaken the interests of the state, and that the Congress would complete its “Mission Telangana-15” by capturing at least 15 of the state’s 17 Lok Sabha seats.

Uttam participated in the election campaign in Kodad and Huzurnagar with Congress MLA N Padmavathi and Nalgonda contender Raghuveer Reddy. Later, Uttam spoke at a sizable public gathering in Miryalaguda.

While the BRS is no longer relevant in Telangana, he said that the BJP has no moral right to run for office since it is trying to deceive the people with new “jumlas” after falling short of its promises during the last two terms.

Uttam said, “The BJP is untrustworthy, and its manifesto is just another ‘jumla patra.'”

“The average guy has nothing to gain from the BJP manifesto. The fact that unemployment is at an all-time high is not even mentioned. When Narendra Modi took office in 2014, he promised to create two crore new employment annually. However, throughout his tenure, he lost around 15–16 crore jobs, including 2 lakh positions in public sector organizations, the speaker stated.

He contrasted this with the Congress, saying that in its “Nyay Patra,” it pledges to fill 30 lakh vacancies in different Union government ministries in addition to creating crores of new employment.

In addition, Uttam said that the BJP had betrayed farmers nationwide and had kept quiet about its pledge to double farmers’ income by 2022. “Farmers’ income has decreased as a result of the Center’s lack of support.” The Modi administration is still unresponsive to the MSP requests of farmers. The BJP is the cause of the inflationary spiral. In the last ten years, gasoline costs have more than quadrupled, according to Uttam, despite huge increases in the cost of necessities.

“BJP completely neglected Telangana in the last ten years,” he said. It did not even acknowledge the commitments made in the Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act, such as the establishment of a railway coach factory in Warangal, a steel plant in Bayyaram, a 4,000 MW power plant by NTPC, and a tribal university in Telangana that was never started because of the BJP government’s negligence.

He said that the BJP administration had stalled the ITIR near Hyderabad, which had been sanctioned by the UPA government.

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