Vidyut Soudha is attached by the Principal Special Court in Hyderabad owing to non-payment of debts

In a long-running lawsuit brought by Vijai Electricals Limited, the Principal Special Court (Trial and Disposal of Commercial Disputes) in Hyderabad on Tuesday sent notices to the electricity generating company (Genco), transmission company (Transco), and distribution companies (Discoms) requesting the payment of outstanding debts.

In addition, the court ruled that 3,000 square yards of property that belonged to Vidyut Soudha—Genco and Transco’s corporate headquarters building—must be attached, with stringent guidelines dictating that it cannot be given, sold, or otherwise transferred to any other party.

In order to have unpaid invoices paid and assets held by the former AP Transco and others attached, Vijai Electricals filed lawsuits in 2005. At that point, the court decided in Vijai’s favor and mandated the settlement of outstanding debt of more than Rs 2.56 crore. The relevant authorities, however, disregarded the court’s order. ~

On June 5, officials were called to determine whether to sell the property.

A second petition, claiming inactivity, was filed by Vijai Electricals in 2011 and named the Superintendent Engineer (Operations) of Nalgonda Circle and the Chief Engineer (Projects) of the Electricity department.

The authorities received attachment notifications from the court after it heard the arguments on Tuesday. But the notifications from the commercial court were rejected by the authorities. The notifications were then attached to Vidyut Soudha’s walls by the court personnel.

In order to continue with the procedures, including determining the conditions of the proclamation of sale for the connected property, the court ordered the relevant authorities to appear before it on June 5.

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