With the dirty cyberattack on Shailaja, political decorum is completely lost

With just nine days remaining before the Lok Sabha elections, the campaign trail reached a new low when senior CPM leader and Vadakara LDF candidate K K Shailaja was viciously cyberlynched.

The Left front has responded forcefully to the political defamation directed against the former minister, which goes against the rules of political etiquette.

The lady leader was obviously distressed by the cyberattacks, as shown by her interactions with the media and voters on Monday. She had altered discussions and posted distorted images and videos.

Regarding the cyberattacks, Shailaja filed a complaint with the Election Commission against Shafi Parambil, her challenger in the UDF.

False images and videos are going viral, calling her “Poothana” and “Abhisarika,” which is slang for prostitute.

She said that a significant social media effort to disparage her is being carried out by the UDF candidate and his staff. She said that attempts are also being made to incorrectly sway Muslim votes.

According to the allegation, UDF personnel disseminated a false statement referring to Islamic scholar A P Aboobacker Musaliar as “bombamma” (mother of bombs).

Another bogus communication under the guise of Mathrubhumi Online made a mention about Love Jihad. The complaint said that the complainant or Mathrubhumi Online had never made such a statement and that the messages were disseminated by fictitious social media accounts in an effort to split and mislead voters. It also added that some quotes from a channel interview were taken and circulated in an effort to paint the complainant as anti-Muslim. ~

CPM criticizes UDF over Shailaja’s cyberattacks.

A phony attempt to discredit her has been carried out by the Facebook page “Ente Vadakara KL 18”. An offensive spoof photograph with her and the chief minister in altered states was released on social media by the organization “Troll Reporter TR.” In these fictitious posters and films, she was called a demoness and other derogatory terms. In an effort to sway voters, the bogus campaign’s perpetrators purposefully portrayed her poorly and emphasized certain remarks made by the UDF candidate.

According to the lawsuit, the UDF candidate and his allies planned to use fictitious communications and images to start such a harmful campaign against her.

In the meanwhile, the UDF was harshly criticized by the CPM leadership for the cyberattacks.

“It is absolutely abhorrent that the social media team of the Congress candidates used deplorable sexist words on Shailaja teacher. It is demeaning to Keralan women. Brinda Karat, a member of the CPM Politburo, remarked, “The Congress is using such foul language against a highly respected leader out of desperation.” According to CPM state secretary MV Govindan, cyberattacks against Shailaja won’t occur without the UDF candidate and leadership’s knowledge. He insisted that action be taken by the UDF leadership to stop the cyberattacks.

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