Shah Rukh Khan’s gestures win a million hearts as he hugs Jos Buttler to comfort discouraged Kolkata Knight Riders – WATCH

The Rajasthan Royals (RR) defeated the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) by two wickets at Eden Gardens on Monday night, leaving the former team devastated. With the help of Rinku Singh’s cameo and Sunil Narine’s first T20 century, the hosts scored 223 for 6. But with a scorching century, a resolute Jos Buttler stole the win from KKR, as the Royals achieved the most successful run-chase in Indian Premier League (IPL) history.

A stronger team prevailed in yet another exciting Twenty20 cricket match. Knight Riders were devastated by their loss, while the Royals camp was jubilant. Shah Rukh Khan, the co-owner of KKR, went to his teammates and patted them on the back in the interim. Social media users uploaded the video of Khan encouraging his team, and it quickly gained a lot of attention.

The night’s game-changer, Jos Buttler, received a hug and congratulations from the KKR co-owner after his outstanding knock. The RR opener, who is just one hundred runs short of Kohli’s record of eight hundreds, hit 107 off 60 balls against KKR to achieve his eighth IPL century.

In the last ball of the match, Buttler, who was injured and missed RR’s previous encounter against Punjab Kings, single-handedly accomplished the greatest chase in the history of the Indian Premier League by destroying Kolkata Knight Riders’ 223 for 6 and going undefeated on 107 off 60 balls.

He had trouble walking toward the finish, but he persisted.

“Remain optimistic; that was the true secret today. I was having some trouble with my rhythm. There are moments when you feel irritated or self-conscious. I remind myself to be cool and keep going; you’ll find your groove again. It’s alright.

You’ve seen insane things occur several times throughout the IPL. At the post-match press conference, Buttler said, “Guys like Dhoni and Kohli, the way they stay till the end and keep believing, and I tried to do the same.”

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